Re: Helping Newbies thread
Date: 02/19/97

I am also a newbie to C, but coding is not new to me at all. Once you learnt one 
imperative language, you learnt them all, as the saying goes. But i haven't 
written this to talk about that. I agree that anyone asking for compilation 
errors should not be permitted on the list - it just wastes space. No-one else 
can really fix the bug without seeing the whole code, which is usually quite a 
lot. I subscribed to get ideas from others and see others code snippets. That is 
the best way of learning - by example. However, for newbie's, i don't really 
want someone to tell me who to do something, that's half the fun, but merely 
pointers about how to go about implementing an idea that I had. This is really 
Circle code specific and not just another C coding problem. 

Thanks for reading, sorry to add just another moan.

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