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From: Walter Goodwin (
Date: 02/18/97

> On Tue, 18 Feb 1997, claywar wrote:
> I'm pretty sure they'd never mess around trying to shut down MUDs...
> I myself know about 5 people who work for TSR, and each last one of them
> play Toril MUD.. <an AD&D diku..> and they enjoy it.. but they don't
> plan on shutting it down, so I'm pretty sure as long as you
> don't do something stupid like.. make a drow elf named Tiamat
> or something.. and you have it all in character, they won't mind..
> this is ONLY AN OPINION, so don't go quoting me if you get in trouble
> ... 

I remember a lot of fallout in my area because of the massive ftp site
shutdowns that TSR caused, and there is a possibility that they might
attempt to do so with muds.  However, its important to understand
_why_ they would do so.  The bottom line is money.  I don't have any
stats on me, but I'd assume they were able to make a bit of money by
their lawsuits, if they didn't they wouldn't have tried so hard, only
enough to let everyone know they were protecting their copyrights.

Hmmm, I believe they were suffering from a major lack of fundage
due to their overestimates of how popular their second edition
handbooks would be (leading to a glut)  Of course, once their legal
department figured out they could make some money by suing.....
Where was this leading, oh yeah, they most likely won't sue the
imps of the mud, they'd lose money in the process, (and causing the
imp to declare bankruptcy) they'd sue the ISP hosting the mud. Thus,
you'd lose your site before you even got a chance to defend yourselves,
(unless of course you Are your ISP ;)  because most ISP's would prefer
to cut you off than take on a legal corporation.

ho hum, oh great, now I have to come up with an about circle section,
or else I break the rules :)  geez, I can't think of anything,

Oh yeah, is anyone interested in mentoring apprentices?  I thought
that since I'm overloaded with other projects anyway, I might as
well dig my self a bigger hole :)  I thought if anyone _was_ available,
I could compile a list of available mentors, and then once we had that,
I could do a request for newbies :)  But, I have a feeling that mentor's
will be the limiting factor here :)

BTW, respond to this last paragraph through personal email :)

Jason Goodwin

Jion the TPA's crusaed to have just's speling officially
changed to jsut today!!!!

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