Re: Classes, Both skills and spells
Date: 02/18/97

Matthew Petty wrote:

> a problem.  I wanted the class to both skills and spells, but it looks
> like I can only pick one. In class.c around line 166 you determine if
> the class gets spells or skills, how would I make it so that the the
> class can get BOTH?
> Thanks in advance!!

I am not sure to exactly which line you are referring; I am assuming it 
looks something like this {SP,SK,SK,SP,SK,SK,SK,SP,SP,SP,SP,SK}         
/* prac name */ (mine is loonger as I have a lot of extra classes).
This is merely asthetic, in so far as it does not limit you to picking 
either skills or spells, you may use either. Further down in class.c 
just add the skills/spells you want to the class. If you have any 
questions let me know :-)

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