Re: Classes, Both skills and spells

From: Johan Dustler (
Date: 02/19/97

> From: Matthew Petty <>
> Hi all:
> 	I was recently adding some classes to my mud when I came across
> a problem.  I wanted the class to both skills and spells, but it looks
> like I can only pick one. In class.c around line 166 you determine if
> the class gets spells or skills, how would I make it so that the the
> class can get BOTH?
> Thanks in advance!!

You can assign both skills and spells to a class. The line you are
refering to, just sets if the guild master should say spell or skill
when you try to prac something you don't know. Look in spec_procs.c
SPECIAL(guild), and search for SPLSKL, this is where SPELL/SKILL is

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