Re: Mud Hanging when players enter

From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 02/19/97

>>>>> "Shaw" == Shaw  <> writes:

 Shaw> Ok I have patched in the autoeq code from ftpcircle.  It seems
 Shaw> to work sometimes, but the majority of the time the mud will
 Shaw> hang whenever a players enters.  I have really noticed it when
 Shaw> they enter with retrieving crash saved items.  And it seems
 Shaw> like whenever they do enter sucessfully they are put into room
 Shaw> #1: Limbo instead of the default...

Don't ask me how this happened but there's a wrong line in the patch

!       ch->in_room = 1;

Just throw this line out.
I put a new patch file into the incoming directory which should
replace the buggy one soon -- it's 5059 bytes long (the correct one
that is -- hopefully).

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