Re: [QUESTION] More Spells?!?!?
Date: 02/20/97

In <>, on 02/20/97
at 12:22 PM,
   "Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev" <> said:

>> This is a question on my list to figure out, I am _GUESSING_ you can
>> change the MAX_SKILLS (but it says not to change ???)  in structs.h and
>> then renumber your skills, npc skills, and top_spell_define AND  weapon
>> attack types.  (I think thats it)
>> Changing these in spells.h should do it.  (just not sure about the
>> DO*NOT*CHANGE warning in structs.h and dont know enough to figure out why

>Well, the short sweet and shocking explanation is the fact, that
>MAX_SKILLS is used somewhere in the pfile data that is saved, thus is you
>change the size of the spell/skill array, you will corrupt your
>playerfile. You can do four things:

Um.. If I follow this correctly, wouldnt a fifth option be to just change
MAX_SKILLS and dump the playerfile entirely?  Not a very polite option,
but shouldn't it work too? 

Jason Buckler
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