Re: [Code] ACMD(do_reboot) somebody fix new improved?

From: Eric Green (
Date: 02/21/97

>Yes, folks, that infamous signal is annoying me to hell. Sometimes, for the
>oddest reason, when a person loses link, their architecture or program,
>whichever it is, sends a SIGPIPE(or whatever happens.)
>This is quite annoying, for the obvious reasons. Is there any easy way to fix
>it? (or uneasy way either.)

Its not the person sending the SIGPIPE, it is your system.  The SIGPIPE is
generated when your program attempts to write to descriptor which has no
one listening to it.  This occurs if the character is sent a message by the
mud after connecting, but before the socket is flagged with an exception or
reads 0 bytes.

By default, CircleMUD ignores these SIGPIPEs, with the line
my_signal(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN) in signal_setup().  Where most people see the
problems with SIGPIPE is while debugging with GDB.  By default, GDB
responds to a SIGPIPE by stoping the program, printing that a SIGPIPE was
received, and passing it to the program.  You can change the action taken
by GDB by using the "handle" command.  To stop the program from stoping at
SIGPIPE, you would give GDB the command "handle SIGPIPE nostop"


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