[QUESTION] How-To Titles..

Date: 02/21/97

Hi all..

Just a simple question, Anyone made the XP into some kind of scale? 
Instead of putting it into the title??

Thing is, I'm getting pretty tired of having to put in 100 new lines, 
just 'cause I put in a new class. I allready have Title as a command, 
so that people can put their own titles if they want to. BUT! Here's 
the catch, Some people don't change their title (and they can't 
anyway untill at least lvl 15), so I want to change it to :

Kurt the elven wizard

Bingo, Kurt is elven and he's a wizard. Okay, this is no problemo, 
*BUT* I would like to get rid of the 800++ lines I have in class.c 
(all the titles) and put in some kind of exponential for experience.

Anyone who has made this, or could direct me in the right way??

/T-Rex is tired of all that code..

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