Re: Ideas on Death

From: John Evans (
Date: 02/22/97

At 10:01 PM 2/20/97 EST5EDT, John Barton wrote:
>Ok, here's a good discussion thread to start...has anyone changed the 
>way death works (something other then *BANG*, you're DEAD!) like 
>making the player into a "ghost" or adding some text flavor to make 
>death more interesting?  Ideas, ne1?


You die and you lose XP as per norm.  Nothing unusual there.

You also age by 10 years if above 10th level. (100 level mud. 10th level
folks are still "newbies", IMO) Certain races live to a certain age before
they die of old age. This death is permanent. Character gone. EQ gone. ALL
GONE. Nothing left but memories.

Of course, you can quest to have your age reduced by a small amount, and the
quest ain't easy (and is unique each time).

Suggestions, comments?  (BTW - old_age_death is rolled when the character
starts, and they NEVER know what that age is....)

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