Re: [IDEA] levelless mud

From: claywar (
Date: 02/22/97

> there must also be a theme to the mud. as it is in stock circle, there is
> no real theme to the mud, its just a bunch of rooms stuck together. i would
> have to make it seem less like a bunch of zones and more like a whole
> world, with a theme and ordered parts...

Stock Circle has an excellent theme, it is a world.  I have found this a
problem with many areas that have been built on my MUD, people write it
with a particular quest in mind, ie: slay the dragon.  What if the dragon
is dead?  What if some hero some years ago slayed it?  History changes
what one sees.  Theme should be somewhere other than the descriptions.

> now, i cant think of how a mortal would immort, or if they would immort. do
> they need gold? the heads of a certain number of other mortals ? random?
> chosen by a diety ? something like that ?

This could be done several ways (that I can think of).  My idea is have a
detailed quest system which tallys up the points which you have received
for completing certain tasks, but then that brings in the age old problem
of morts not interacting with the environment.  The only solution that I
have is not give the morts information.  If they don't know they're a few
100 points away from immorting, or that there is a scoring system for
immorting, then they won't worry about gaining the points.


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