[IDEA] levelless mud

From: Nic Suzor (glok.lists@cryogen.com)
Date: 02/21/97


I have noticed that a few people have implemented muds without levels. this
idea sounds attractive to me, but i just want to flesh out the idea...

atm, i think the biggest flaw of my mud is that it is lacking in role
playing. players interact very little, and all it is is running around
killing the same things over and over again, without bothering to explore,
or interact with anything. I figure taking away levels and experience etc
might make the mud more fun to play. 

so, i am wondering how others have implemented the levelless system.
this is the basic way i was thinking:

players no longer gain exp or levels
instead, players gain gold and eq
hp, v, m, is gained by paying a trainer large sums of money, or is granted
as a reward
spells and skills are learned through either discovering a book or
discovering a guildmaster, which can teach special spells.
religion will play a large part. find a god, pray to them, and something
interesting happens...
there must also be a theme to the mud. as it is in stock circle, there is
no real theme to the mud, its just a bunch of rooms stuck together. i would
have to make it seem less like a bunch of zones and more like a whole
world, with a theme and ordered parts...

now, i cant think of how a mortal would immort, or if they would immort. do
they need gold? the heads of a certain number of other mortals ? random?
chosen by a diety ? something like that ?

just a few thoughts, so that before i decide to code it all, i know what it
is that i am coding :)

comments, suggestions, flames welcome

Nic Suzor

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