[IDEA] Recall

From: Shapeshifter (shapeshifter@tka.com)
Date: 02/22/97

        After playing at several muds and dealing with player killing on
a few of them we came across the problem with playeers recalling while
in the middle of the battle. Some of the muds have made it so you can
only recall if you are not in battle, but all that means is they have to
flee one space away. I came up with the following and might try it if I
can get the mob programming to work correctly.

        The mobs that are shopkeepers have a program that allows them to
slap you if you tried to hit them. How about making a type of wandering
mob that cast 'word of recall' on you if you try to hit it?

        This means if you were being attacked you would have to flee and
track down the 'recall ball' in order to get out of the area. This is in
no way meant to replace the 'recall' command that is set up, though
putting a price on the recall command might make it worth finding the
mob. Removing the scroll might be what the 'recall ball' would replace.

                        Just a though...

                                Lord Kyu...

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