[NEWBIE] Alignments...

From: Shapeshifter (shapeshifter@tka.com)
Date: 02/22/97

        I've been talking to the other IMP's of the areas around me and
I have yet to find anyone who has been able to explain how to change the
alignment so they are greater numbers and work properly.

        I would like to make the liagnment go a lot larger than it is
now. Something from a range -15000 to -500 (evil) and +500 to +15000
(good) and everything else inbetween being Neutral.

        Also, sometimes when you kill things that are evil, your
alignment drops lower. Might there be a way that makes all evil things
drop alignment, and all good things raise alignment? and neutral raise
or lower depending? It just seems it is hard to stay either good or evil
sometimes. Maybe it should be.

                        Lord Kyu...

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