Re: Score command.

From: Chris Rehbein (
Date: 02/22/97

At 03:30 PM 2/22/97 -0500, you wrote:


>  sprintf(buf, "%sCoins: [ %d ], Bank: [ %d ]\r\n", buf,      <-------- buf
>          GET_GOLD(ch), GET_BANK_GOLD(ch));
>  sprintf(buf2, "Lev: [%2d], XP: [%7d], Align: [%4d]\r\n",    <-------- buf2
>          GET_LEVEL(ch), GET_EXP(ch), GET_ALIGNMENT(ch));
>  strcat(buf, buf2);                                           
>  sprintf(buf, "%sStatus: ", buf);


This is really just a guess, but I would say that the cause of your problem
lies in splitting into 2 buffers.  Logically, it makes sense, but when the
program gets to this point, you're appending one buffer to another, and then
printing into the first again.  Keep in mind that strcat takes the form:

char *strcat(char *string1, const char *string2); and returns the value of

  If you try something like: newbuf = strcat(buf, buf2); and then substitute
all remaining instances of buf with newbuf, that might make a difference.

Just guessing... hope you figure it out!


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