Re: [NEWBIE] Alignments...

From: Chris Rehbein (
Date: 02/22/97

>        Also, sometimes when you kill things that are evil, your
>alignment drops lower. Might there be a way that makes all evil things
>drop alignment, and all good things raise alignment? and neutral raise
>or lower depending? It just seems it is hard to stay either good or evil
>sometimes. Maybe it should be.

Actually, this is taken right from a stock copy of fight.c in change_alignment:

/* When ch kills a victim */
void change_alignment(struct char_data * ch, struct char_data * vict)
   /* new alignment change algorithm:  if you kill a monster with alignment A
    * you move 1/16th of the way to having alignment -A. Simple and fast.

So, it would appear that unless this is an incorrect procedure, then a good
character's alignment will change 1/16th of the way to evil if he kills a
good character, and vice versa for an evil character.  In practice, however,
I don't really pay much attention to it.  It could not work... I don't
really know.  But the code is there.

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