Re: [Newbie] : Statistics

From: Pierre Barthe (
Date: 02/22/97

>Uhm...not to be rude or anything, but how come you end up on a list like
>this if you dont know alot about muds???

The first contact I had with a TI-57 (one of the first pogrammable
calculator I used )
was much more a big stuff than posting this reply ...things are not
easier ,
but cooler for the user .

>Anyways, I might as well answer your question.

>Check out for a list of a great many muds
>including top 20 lists and all sort of information.

>hope it helps...and uhm...this list is uhm...a circlemud list, supposed to
>be used for people who code and run said mud. We get a lot of off-topic
>mail already, so next time I suggest trying a web browser search engine
>first, instead of using a mailing list.

Our purpose is to set our Perspectives Virtual Reality Graphic Interface
as a VRML MUD Client (Could also be a Doom-like MUD client ) .
But you're right , I learn a lot by listenning your remarks .

>Try search for mud or circlemud, or dikumud or
>something equivalent.

Pierre Barthe
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