Re: Worth Theme...

From: Alex (
Date: 02/22/97

> > Stock Circle has an excellent theme, it is a world.
To be honest, when I was putting the world together, the theme was:
Let's see what kind of area assortment we can put in here so that
people can see almost every different flag and feature in action.
I think I still have one or two of each to do. (=

> Otherwise, it's great for a hack-n-slash mud.
To be honest, it isn't *great* for that, since there is only one newbie
area, and I don't know if there are any high level areas.  Currently,
most of the areas are more for groups of level 5-20 or so.  Below that
and above that, you're on your own pretty much.  I don't want to add
too many new areas to the package either for the simple reason that if
too many areas are in, creating a brand new total world, we'll have many
more stock CircleMUDs up there than now since they may feel that the world
is good enough being that complex, that all-encompassing, and so forth.

That and I look after the world for VieMud which sucks up a lot of time.
That happens when you decide to rewrite every zone to suit your own
standards.  May I suggest *not* doing it.  *grin*

And no, VieMud isn't a Circle based mud... although we did use the alias
system from Circle.  Mmmm.

Erm... Yeah.  Whatever.                       VieMud: 4000

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