Re: [NEWBIE] Guilds/guildmasters

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 02/22/97

On Sat, 22 Feb 1997, Adam Beytin wrote:

> Ok, I just reset the entire world, and started from scratch.  When I put
> in the guildguards, guildmasters, and assigned the specs, it didn't work
> quite right.  The guildmasters taught everything, and the guildguards
> didn't block ppl.  I figure it's because there's some other stuff you have
> to set, but I don't know what to set, or where it is.
There is only one guildmaster spec, so every guildmaster IS going to teach
everything unless youcut and paste the guild spec_proc into differnt class
ones (fighter_guild cleric_guild mage_guild, etc)

What you probably missed for the guildguards is the table in class.c which
tells you what room the guard is in and what direction that they are
guarding against.  There is a dragon there too who guards agasint all
classes.  grep SCMD in class.c or in pico ctrl-w SCMD should pring you to


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