Re: [Idea] ((((Stereo))))

From: Eric Green (
Date: 02/23/97

If you want an easy way of adding sounds, you could create a sound code
escape sort of like the color escape codes.  For the client to play the
sound, you just have to set up a trigger to do this and gag the escape
code.  Both tf and tintin this would be simple... when the sound escape
code is seen, the client runs your sound player program.  For windows,
theres at least one client (gmud, zmud, or something like that) which will
play different sounds configurable by a trigger.  If you wrote up
documentation on your system and released it to the mudworld in general,
you could probably get other client writers to add this support in since it
isn't terribly difficult for the client writers or the mud writers to code.


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