Re: [question] (Playerfile corruption & conversion)

From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 02/23/97

On Sat, 22 Feb 1997, Alex wrote:

> > There are many other things that seem to corrupt the player files
> > too, like adding races. Is there a way around this?
> plrconv.txt on the Snippets page.  Look at it and learn.

My, oh my.... Alex is close to exploding at the moment I think 8-)

Anyway, to clear up the matter a little...

I it's standard distribution CircleMUD 3.0 comes with a system that saves
playerfiles in a binary format. In short this means, that CircleMUD saves
your playerfiles with a fixed length, that matches the char_file_u
structure in size.
If you change the char_file_u structures size whilst having any pfiles,
you will corrupt those pfiles, since the CircleMUD code now beleaves the
char_file_u information is it supposed to read in from the pfiles has a
different size (but it still has the old size).

I recently posted a letter listing some options on what to do, one of
those is to make a playerfile conversion utility, that converts all the
old playerfiles into new ones, with the 'right size' so to speak. When
that is done everything works perfectly again, and no playerwipe is
needed. If you don't do anything about converting the pfiles, you will
corrupt them, and need to do a pwipe.

Another solution is to use Samedis ASCII-pfile patch. This means you have
to do a chunk of work to make the conversion to ascii-files, but then you
can add and delete as much info from the pfiles as you could possibyl want
without too much trouble... (This is really cool :)

Anyway, nothing is easy here unless you know at least a little bit about
coding (not saying you don't), so it's up to you to decide whatever
solution you want to go with :)


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