Re: [OLC] Which OLC should I use?

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 02/24/97

We ahve tried both, and found that oasis is extreemly buggy, crash and
otherwise, and *I* at least found it hard to debug and track down the
problems.  On the other hand it was much easier to add new flags and such.
The Menu interface is GREAT for new builders..

Obuild, *wow*!
Harder to learn because its command you have to remember, but the command
line makes it mroe powerful. and you can add more commands to obuild much
more easily.  Flags are a bit harder to add at first, but I learned ALOT
from modifying obuild for all of our differnt olc things.  

Not to mention Sammy is still around supporting Obuild (and
supporting it well, thanksagain sammy)

Our coders are 100% for Obuild, our builders all come around _after_ they
get used to it.  Anyone coming from an oasis background finds it a bit
hard to adjust, but once they do, it flies.

*end of babble*
Ghost Shaidan, ?able Sanity, 4000

> patched.src_1.1 and I am now considering putting in on-line creation.
> Looking over the ftp site, there seems to be at least two different olc 
> versions available, obuild and oasis. I was wondering if anyone could
> make any reccomendations as to which would be best to use.

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