Re: [OLC] Which OLC should I use?

From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 02/24/97

On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Ghost Shaidan wrote:

> We ahve tried both, and found that oasis is extreemly buggy, crash and
> otherwise, and *I* at least found it hard to debug and track down the
> problems.  On the other hand it was much easier to add new flags and such.
> The Menu interface is GREAT for new builders..

I found, with some work, that it seemed best, and easiest, to have OBuild 
for room, mob, and object editing, and Oasis for zon and shop editing... 
we've had this mixture for quite some time now, and it's worked out 
great... but I didn't like the setup of a commandline shop editor, or all 
the commands involved in the commandline zon editor, but's just a 
personal preference, and most of my builders I had at the time of the 
change to that from ALL obuild, agreed...

It's all a matter of personal [preference, although the fact that obuild 
is still supported by it's original author is a huge plus... you really 
should make some backups of your mud and try them both, and see what you 

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