From: Jasper (dannyboy@teleport.com)
Date: 02/24/97

Nicholas Seabury wrote:

Jasper wrote:
>>Ok I got  stock Circle30bpl11 running, but now I want to start changing
>>things. Do I have to shut the mud down before I recompile the source?
>>Do I have to run the autorun script again? Or do I *just* type make all?

> sounds like you are running under unix....

yeah I'm running it from a linux account

> ...But if under UNIX i believe you do
> have to shutdown....not sure ...

How do I shut the mud down? After it's shut down do I just do 'make all'
and then run the autoscript again?

> Nicholas Seabury
> BTW Just my opinion ..I just started with circle

Cool..Same here.  Thanks for helping,
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