RE: [code] races snippet

From: Rob Clint (
Date: 02/25/97

I talked to Nashak who wrote the code and he said the problem was that =
at the top of the races.c file you have to place the header file conf.h =
above the sysdep.h  I did this and it compiled perfectly.  Not a warning =
or anything.  Thanks for the tips though.  Good luck :)


From: 	Chris Rehbein[]
Sent: 	Tuesday, February 25, 1997 11:19 AM
Subject: 	Re:   [code] races snippet

At 12:33 AM 2/25/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I installed the races snippet and attempted to compile it.  It says =
that I
am >missing a file in sysdep.h called strings.h  I don't have this file =
on my=20

If you are using Windows 95, then there is a problem with the #ifdef (I
dunno why it never sprang up before, but it also happened to me after I
installed races using my own code) in sysdep.h that includes the strings
header.  The MSVC++ library has string.h (note, no s) and this should be
repaired.  That's what I did, and I get nothing more than a "benign
redefinition of 'type'" whenever I compile now, but it's benign, so =
not much to worry about.  If you're not using MSVC++ in Windows, then I
don't know what the problem is.

- Cheers

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