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From: Walter Goodwin (
Date: 02/25/97

> Yup yup :)  THe reason I made it file-based was so I could throw some olc
> in.  I'm trying to make it very flexible so there will be as much variety
> in spells as possible.  It'll still require quite a bit of code for
> handling lots of different types of affects (such as obj affects, room
> affects, zone and world affects, etc), but that's more typing than
> thinking anyway :)

Actually, for those interested in porting, snider's code base 
(smaug, also has spells/skills/commands(?!)
in the OLC.  Actually, if I remember right they had some nice looking
"dice" code to use with their spells.  For instance.

Ld2 + HdM - V  (ack, not exact I don't know their syntax right now :)
would translate to The Caster's level of 2 sided dice plus the casters
hitpoints of <mana points> sided dice minus his movement points.
Ie.  you can do some really wierd stuff for the spells for duration
damage, or whatever.  I haven't really looked into it, but I think its
a good example (or maybe not :/  of an OLC for spells.

Of course, I'd assume you'd have to do a lot of porting over if you
wanted to use it ;)

(of course, I do NOT comprehend why on earth they'd want a command editor,
you still have to hard code the command and put the command in a huge
listing for the searches to take place, but _shrug_ )
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