Re: [Off Topic] TSR / Typo

From: claywar (
Date: 02/25/97

>         This may be true, though I think most of us had a basic
> understanding of what the IMP was looking for when they asked for
> builders and testers. If not, they could always ask.

True, it was a little blunt, but the message was clear, you have to admit

>         This is true as well, hitpoints and a fantasy setting does not
> always mean D&D. Though on the other hand, the AC system, Thac0, saving
> spells system are all very close to D&D. Not to mention that Drow (tm)
> starting in D&D and then spread across to other gaming systems. The
> simularities are many, and this being my reason for comparing the two.

Like I stated in my previous message, it mustn't be that similar because
tsr hasn't seemed to have gotten on the backs of the DIKU people for using
"their" stat system.


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