[Off Topic] TSR / Typo

From: Shapeshifter (shapeshifter@tka.com)
Date: 02/25/97

-> Hmm, I believe you're assuming a bit too much.  Those who know the
-> true meaning see something other than what you see, such as the Dark
-> Ages example.  

        This may be true, though I think most of us had a basic
understanding of what the IMP was looking for when they asked for
builders and testers. If not, they could always ask.
-> I'd hate to argue, but from my experience with both gaming systems,
-> Circle is quite different from T$R's little money making scheme of a
-> game.  Just because a game uses hitpoints, and is in a fantasy time
-> period doesn't nescessarily mean it is D&D based.  

        This is true as well, hitpoints and a fantasy setting does not
always mean D&D. Though on the other hand, the AC system, Thac0, saving
spells system are all very close to D&D. Not to mention that Drow (tm)
starting in D&D and then spread across to other gaming systems. The
simularities are many, and this being my reason for comparing the two.

-> The spelling correction helped me, I was mispelling deity without
-> even knowing it, and for that I am grateful.  Knowledge is a powerful
-> thing, so whats the point in going around ignorant?

-> cw!
        The spelling correction was helpful, this I do not deny. I was
simple stating that I did not agree with the methods in which he chose
to show him the error. 

                        Lord Kyu...

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