[IDEA] diff skill% raising

From: Justin Rio (c616077@showme.missouri.edu)
Date: 02/25/97

Okay, I had this idea the other day.  I haven't put tons of time into it
yet, since I still have to learn to code, but I was wondering... 
1)How does the idea sound to you, in general? Playability, concept, etc... 

I've always been fond of the learning system.  That's what I call it, you
know, when you do a skill and once in a while you hear "You've become
better at....". I want to make a system even more usage oriented. First,
each skill/spell has a variable associated with it and it gets incremented
each time it is used. (Starts at 0 each lvl.) (Going to be
sky-high for those skills like enhanced damage and second attack.) Then
when the char attains a new lvl, divide all the counts by another
pre-defined, skill-specific number.  This is to take into account those
skills which are preformed all the time as mentioned above and those
skills which are harder to learn (2nd atk vs. 3rd atk).  Consequently,
some of the dividers will be 1, like for kick or trip, easy things.
Now, add all the new counters up, and divide each individual counter by
the counter_sum to get a proportion_used for each skill.  Then reference
some table or something, giving the char a total % earned this lvl, based
on counter_sum.  Then give each skill an added %, based upon their
proportion_used.  Give the char a few extra % to throw where ever they
want just to be nice.
Okay, example time, since that was probably confusing...
Character JimBob the Ranger has just gotten lvl 15.  Since lvl 14, his
skills/spells racked up these usages:
Kick: 40   "Heal":  20  Second Attack: 1200  Backstab: 400
/*account for difficulty and constant-usage*/
kick_count=kick_count / 1
heal_count=heal_count / 4
2atk_count=2atk_count / 100
bs_count=bs_count / 50
New counts are: kick-40 heal-5 2atk-12 bs-8
counter_sum is 65.  Your table says 65 usages earns JimBob 32%.
Kick was used @.66%, heal 1/13, 2atk @1/5, and bs 1/8.
So...add 20% to kick, 2% to heal, 6% to 2atk, and 4% to bs.
If you even give extra %'s, this could be determined by lvl, race, wis,
counter_sum, any thing you wanted, really...

Anyhow, obviously these were just numbers I pulled off the top of my head.
The numbers will need to be tweeked and twisted to fit your personal
opinions of certain skills and such.
What do you all think?  It doesn't appear to me to be something someone
with a slow-running system would want to implement; but I don't know much,
maybe the incrementing won't slow it down much.
I'll shutup now...


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