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Date: 02/25/97

> >         The other one was "Odin's Store" which is just like the pet shop
> > one, except that I am unable to find out what it does.
> It was (is?) used for some code that allowed you to pray for items at
> the altar.  If there was an item in Odin's Store with your name on it,
> it was given to you.  I don't remember if it is still in the code or
> not, but the room has carried on as something of a legacy I guess. (=

	Yea, more of a legacy thing than anything else.  Same functionality 
as the pet shop, except that it would provide personal keys, provided the 
char entered the keyword "pray" in room #3054, like so:

strcpy(buf, "item_for_");
strcat(buf, GET_NAME(ch));

	Heh...there also used to be a pretty funky feature with this
spec proc, that most imps didn't know about at this time (1991-93).
If you created a char with the names Redferne, Quifael, or Papi, there 
were special (and quite unbalancing) keys to their god rooms/areas you 
could get by praying at the Temple Altar.  Redferne's key to his castle 
and vault netted 1mil coins.  Quifael got you Quifael's Global Optimizer, 
a 3d5 +2 weapon...fairly substantial in those days.  Papi's zone contained
Papi's cat....a lvl 1 mob (i.e. easily charmed), with astronomical
	Ahh, what a trip down memory lane that was. :)  If you can, 
obtain a copy of Diku gamma source code.  You'll really come to 
appreciate alot more what Jeremy has written and re-written for Circle.
Not to dis the forefather's creation of course.... ;)  We wouldn't
be where we are without em.
	Now back to your normal Circle discussion, already in progress.
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