Re: [Newbie] [Question]

From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 02/26/97

On Tue, 25 Feb 1997, Alex wrote:

> >         The other one was "Odins Store" which is just like the pet shop
> > one, except that I am unable to find out what it does.
> It was (is?) used for some code that allowed you to pray for items at
> the altar.  If there was an item in Odin's Store with your name on it,
> it was given to you.  I don't remember if it is still in the code or
> not, but the room has carried on as something of a legacy I guess. (=

I asked this same question some time ago, and was told it had something 
to do with a mob called Papi, and his key loaded in odin's store..
Basically, there was a spec_proc on 'by the temple alter' called
pray_for_items, and if there was something in odins store with an extra 
description keyword item_for_<name>, the item would appear on the alter.

The special isn't in circle anymore in bpl10 (the one I'v been using), 
but wouldn't be hard to pull from circle 2.2 or something...


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