Re: Help with Idea for Quiting...

From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 02/26/97

On Tue, 25 Feb 1997, Shaw wrote:

> I dont like the idea of renting equipment, but I do want to change the
> quit option...  I only want quit to work while the player is in town...
> like in zone 30.  I still want to add another command like forcequit
> where the player can use outside of town but they will lose their
> equipment... after responding yes to an "Are you sure?" prompt.  Could
> anyone help me with this?

Consider what we did.. we made rent free, yeah, but you can't just quit, 
you have to rent at the receptionists, but players aren't charged 

The reason *I* did this, was because, without just being able to quit, 
players could rent norent stuff, and WELL over the set max items you can 
rent... I had some rent files, i'd show rent, and there would be 90+ 
items in there, and I had the max set at 40.  The 'free rent just quit' 
code skips all those checks unfortuantly.... and also, this way it keeps 
players from using quit as a recall command.


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