Re: Help with Idea for Quiting...

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 02/26/97

> Consider what we did.. we made rent free, yeah, but you can't just quit, 
> you have to rent at the receptionists, but players aren't charged 
> anything.
> The reason *I* did this, was because, without just being able to quit, 
> players could rent norent stuff, and WELL over the set max items you can 
> rent... I had some rent files, i'd show rent, and there would be 90+ 
> items in there, and I had the max set at 40.  The 'free rent just quit' 
> code skips all those checks unfortuantly.... and also, this way it keeps 
> players from using quit as a recall command.

Ok though, 

We have no rent, but players come back where they quit, 
I havent spent alot of time tracking this down yet, but
it has been brought to my attention that keys are renting
and he max items is VERY exceedable.  Is there a way to 
stop this without initializing rent.  We have coded some 
!quit rooms so players dont just quit out in treasur rooms 
and stock pile eq.

Is there anything in particular, off the top of your head, 
That you can reccomend I look for to at the very least make
keys unrentable.

Hope this makes sense

Ghost Shaidan,  ?able Sanity, 4000

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