[Code] Crashes

From: Rasdan (thomajam@ucs.orst.edu)
Date: 02/25/97

Hello all,

   I am experiencing some severe crash problems with the object editor in 
Obuild. Everything works fine for the object editing, object saving, 
everything is perfect, except when I type oedit done.

   Here's the sequence of commands:

   1. Object already exists in the world.
   2. oedit <vnum> of object that exists.
   3. oset it to change name, etc.
   4. osave
   5. oedit done

   After this, the short, long, alias for the object all become 
corrupted, displaying such things as:
* &     & ^@] 

for the object description.

It doesn't crash until someone does a purge in the room, or whatever. The 
file usually saves okay, although occasionally I get a totally corrupted 
file that I have to erase.

When I use gdb, at the time of the crash, I get:

#0  0x4004256d in __libc_free ()

fix_obj_strings looks like it should work fine, but I think that is what 
is causing the problem.

If anyone can be of help me with this problem, I would appreciate it.

Thank you,


	                   James C. Thomas Jr.
         thomajam@ucs.orst.edu            rasdan@necromium.com 

		If ya want to build, or code, check out:

		      finality.mudservices.com 5555

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