From: Ladesma A. Bell (amsedal@connectnet.com)
Date: 02/25/97

Hi ya!!,

    Well I am wanting to start I mud of my own and I have a very stupid
question, I D/L the sorcecodes for circlemud, and I dont want to go out and
buy Microsoft Visual C++ compiler version 4.0 or any other compiler just to
compile it, so I got some info that I can get this compiler called MINGW32
from "http://www.fu.is.saga-u.ac.jp/~colin/mingw32.html" but the sites not
connected, does anyone know where a good compiler is and where to get ont
for windows 95, (as soon as I can I getting a bigger HD and running
Linex,<smile>.) But till then, I need Help :o), thank you!!!

                                         Amsedal :o)
	  Amsedal All Powerful Magi,      &          Wendy A. Furry
	         <aka> Ladesma A. Bell                A Chronic Horse Gamer!
Wendy's Five Farm Acres   http://rlinux.rnet.cgl.com/~darwolf/FFarm/index.htm
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