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From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 02/26/97

On Wed, 26 Feb 1997, Shapeshifter wrote:

>         Would anyone happen to have an 'autoassist' code they would be
> able to share with us? I have seen some, but a lot of them are buggy and
> I think it would be better to find one that worked completely/correctly.

What is auto-assist designed to do? My guess is that if your group
member is in a fight it automatically makes you assist? This wouldn't
be hard to accomplish (but then, most autos are fairly simplistic).
You just need to know how to go through the group.

  struct follow_type *f;
  struct char_data *k;

  k = (ch->master ? ch->master : ch);

  if (IS_AFFECTED(k, AFF_GROUP) && k != ch)
    do_assist(k, GET_NAME(ch), 0, 0);

  for (f = k->followers; f; f = f->next) {
    if (!IS_AFFECTED(f->follower, AFF_GROUP))
    if (f->follower->in_room != ch->in_room)
//  if (!PRF_FLAGGED(f->follower, PRF_AUTOASSIST))
//    continue;
    do_assist(f->follower, GET_NAME(ch), 0, 0);

As always, this is mailer code and it may or may not work, probably the
latter (although many people report my mailer code works quite well in
most cases--a bizarre fact, indeed). Where the code block is put is up
to the individual who wishes to insert it. If you don't know, then that
is just too damn bad for you, now isn't it? <g>

Also, if you want the AUTOASSIST flag (recommended), put it in like the
other PRF_xxx flags in structs.h (don't forget constants.c, either) and
uncomment the appropriate lines in the above code.

The rest is up to you...godspeed,

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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