Re: [CODE] Room Affections of a Sort

From: brian (
Date: 02/26/97

my mobact.c is called 10min.c, and handles all misc saving, resetting, and
[room] affections..   iow, i'd stick a quick for(i2top_of_worldt) search
for a new SPECIAL (*func); in your room struct ..

> I'm going to code in a type of room affections. Lets say you have a zone
> that is a volcano theme, where the char ventures deep into the volcano,
> I want to make it so each tick/update there is a random chance that if
> the room has a FLAME bitvector flagged that a 'Hot searing flame burns
> you.' I'm just wondering if I should add this to the void point_update
> func in db.c, or is there a better place? Thanks.


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