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From: M.A.Clubine (
Date: 02/27/97

> But what then when people make stupid parse errors and start talking in
> all caps complaining that their code doesn't work and demand help?  We'll
> flame them just the same.  So its either help them, or get large threads
> of flames over and over.  Sure it is much better to learn to code yourself
> and not ask simple questions, but listwise It might be just easier to
> guide people on the right track (and actually have something to do with
> circle) than just flame them all the time.

Two things.

If people can't find a parse error, what are they doing coding a MUD?

If people are TALKING LIKE THIS??!?!?!  I simply delete the message 
because it's very annoying to read, and it clearly displays their 
attitude, and I dont care to deal with anyone of that sort.

I think from what you're saying that you are simply answering and coding 
dozen of simple things for someone because it's easier than to have to 
deal with them.  Yes I agree you can learn from someone walking through 
code with you.  Like I said, if you post a chunk of code and ask for 
help, there is nothing wrong with that.  I think when someone can't 
figure out how to use a GET_HIT then they shouldn't be running a MUD.  
I'm just asking for a little effort from people rather than running to 
the list the first time something doesn't work, or when it hasn't been 
coded for you already in a snippet.  Too many muds are run on snippets, 
and when they can't find it already coded they post to this list.  That's 
now what we're here for.

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