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From: Mehdi Keddache (
Date: 02/27/97

On Thu, 27 Feb 1997, Enlightenment Comp. wrote:

> Heritsun or anyone who has entered the clan code for herits
> how does someone use this command
>    clan privilege  <privilege> <rank>
Try clan set privilege, there is a word missing in the send_clan_format
routine. If your name wasn't Riddler you would have read the code
and figured it out by yourself but I don't expect from you more than put
the code in without having a clue about it, then whine.

> and
> clan set plan   <clan>
For the hundredth time there is no clan set plan in this code that works
so if you can't code it it won't work.

> thanks
> also who ever add the clan code to their mud is there a way to list
> on the who , who is a member and their rank?
Yes there is an extremely simple way.

> thanks
You are welcome

> Also besides the reg. command how can someone starta clan war
> or is it just the reg. clan commands
As far as my code is concerned there was no support for clan war at times
of submission. If you want to implement it you can use the clan->at_war
pointer from the clan_record structure. When someone goes to pk, check it
their respective clans are at war then make it legal for these 2 players
to hit each other, I don't know how pk is handled on your mud (and I don't
wanna know). 

> thanks
You are very welcome

Mehdi aka Heritsun
who doesn't mean bad but gets really annoyed by Riddler after a while.

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