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From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 02/27/97

>         Looking at the situation I could have made the potions price a
> lot higher than they were, this causing players to complain that higher
> levels do not need the potions as much as the lower levels. This made
> gold have value though, and was nice to some players.

There will still be abuse. Been tere done that *8)
>         Along with this I could have made it so quaffing potions fills
> you up. Meaning a player could only quaff so many potions before they
> would become full and have to abort their direct damage quaff attacking.
This is what we did, and the game no long is cenetered on potions, we have
it so that if your thirst > 5 and your hunger > 21 you cannot quaff...
and each potion raises your hunger by 1 and your thirst by 2.
ppl were NOT happy with this, but they got used to it,  you may wish to
make sure that hunger or thirst has some kind of penalty (not death per
se, but some kind of code that makes it undesireable to be that way.

>         None of the above were chosen. I might still implement the quaff
> to full thing, though it doesnt have to be too soon. What I did do is
> removed Elriva completely. I changed the room description of her shop to
> read it was destroyed/attacked/ransacked etc.

Yet another solution, but watch your builders carefully.

>         Player are not complaining that there is no way for them to kill
> things. That without potions they are unable to play the game. All of
> this brings me to the question...
>                    Was the game based around potions??

>         I keep getting complaints that players are not healing fast
> enough or when they do heal it is not enough hit points. Something like
> an amount of 25 per tick, and for someone with 700 hitpoints it goes
> rather slow. I havent checked the exact number, but those are the what 
> I have been getting from the players.

Limits.c is your friend, decipher the mana_gain hit_gain and move_gain
functions at the begining, ALOT can be done in here with the right flags
and or GET_LEVEL(x) checks.  (see below)

>         Is there a way to make it so this rate might go up based on
> levels? meaning a level 1 will gain 10 hit points per tick, and a level
> 50 will gain 50 or something like that (example, not exact numbers).
>         I have also considered the 'healer in the temple' idea, but I am
> a little cautious on using it. Does anyone have any suggestings, ideas,
> or comments they would be willing to throw out? Looking for a little bit
> of direction if someone is willing to point out a road sign.

I hacked the magic_user spec proc into healing spells and took out the
FIGHTING(ch) check.  Small drawback is this only casts the spells on the
last person to enter the room, you need to run a loop to count the ppl in
the room, and then pick a person out of that.  We have a healer 1 up from
our temple (and in the clan halls if they can afford it. 

We also have regen rooms, (very simple define the flag, and from there, in
limits.c do a check for it then double or x1.5 their regen.)  We also have
classes that regen certain things faster (faeries regen mana faster,
trolls regen hitpoints faster etc) (if GET_RACE(ch) == RACE_TROLL gain
= gain x2) and a regen spell (if affected_by_spell(ch, SPELL_REGEN)) etc.

The only other thing that i feel the need to mention is that if you do all
this, put some penalties in the races or all you will see are faerie
clerics and troll warriors. (we have faerie clerics with no con bonus, and
 -2 hitp per level (to their roll) and major exp penalties to trolls and

Hope this helped, or at least didnt annoy anyone too much.

Ghost Shaidan, ?able Sanity, 4000

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