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From: Shapeshifter (shapeshifter@tka.com)
Date: 02/27/97

        Well, let me get right to the point. In a lot of MUDs I have
seen players always running to Elriva and buying potions upon potions
and drinking them down. They could play almost non-stop without taking
but a minute to rest and re-position equipment.

        Though this is nice for the player, I feel it takes away from
the game in role playing aspects. You have everyone acting as if they
were a warrior. With all of the potions in the game a Cleric is rarely
ever valued or asked for anything except for a summon. Being how it was
at the time I had many choices I could have made, and I finally chose
one due to being pressed on time. I am getting a lot of grief from
players who come into the game. LEt me explain what the choices I looked
at were, and then what I chose:

        Looking at the situation I could have made the potions price a
lot higher than they were, this causing players to complain that higher
levels do not need the potions as much as the lower levels. This made
gold have value though, and was nice to some players.

        Along with this I could have made it so quaffing potions fills
you up. Meaning a player could only quaff so many potions before they
would become full and have to abort their direct damage quaff attacking.

        I could just as well change the potions, and make new potions
and place them in the shops. Potions that are not sanctuary and that do
not have massive healing affects. Make the potions heavier and things
like that. There were a number of things that could be changed for them
as items in themselves.

        None of the above were chosen. I might still implement the quaff
to full thing, though it doesnt have to be too soon. What I did do is
removed Elriva completely. I changed the room description of her shop to
read it was destroyed/attacked/ransacked etc.

        Player are not complaining that there is no way for them to kill
things. That without potions they are unable to play the game. All of
this brings me to the question...

                   Was the game based around potions??
        Personally I feel that a player should learn how to use their
abilities and use them the best they can. Thieves are able to backstab
and flee to kill mobs, the Mage class has powerful attaack spells to
help kill mobs quicker, and the warrior has attack skills and higher hip
points to tank and take damage.

        This is all great, but what to do about healing after they have
exausted themselves? The 'tick' time has been lowered to 90 seconds in
order to make faster healing (I might have to make it 60). This seemed
to help a little.

        Regeneration rooms are something I was looking into as you had
probably seen my post a few days ago. These will probably be added as
soon as we can, and most likely will help the players with healing at a
rate they will be more happy with.

        I keep getting complaints that players are not healing fast
enough or when they do heal it is not enough hit points. Something like
an amount of 25 per tick, and for someone with 700 hitpoints it goes
rather slow. I havent checked the exact number, but those are the what 
I have been getting from the players.

        Is there a way to make it so this rate might go up based on
levels? meaning a level 1 will gain 10 hit points per tick, and a level
50 will gain 50 or something like that (example, not exact numbers).

        I have also considered the 'healer in the temple' idea, but I am
a little cautious on using it. Does anyone have any suggestings, ideas,
or comments they would be willing to throw out? Looking for a little bit
of direction if someone is willing to point out a road sign.

                        Lord Kyu...

Sorry for the length of the post. Wanted to be detailed so as it might
answer questions you might have brought to me about my changes.

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