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Date: 02/27/97

Subject:  [Role Playing] [Idea] [Code]

Things like this really annoy me. Use a real fucking subject line,
not a bunch of worthless little tags. I mean, provide insight into
what it's about in a descriptive manner, not general. It'd be much
better written, "Role-playing ideas/code". It actually saves room,
too. On with the rest of it...

>         Well, let me get right to the point. In a lot of MUDs I have
> seen players always running to Elriva and buying potions upon potions
> and drinking them down. They could play almost non-stop without taking
> but a minute to rest and re-position equipment.

Hrrrmm...what's the word...ahhh...yes..."twinkish". That comes to

>         Looking at the situation I could have made the potions price a
> lot higher than they were, this causing players to complain that higher
> levels do not need the potions as much as the lower levels. This made
> gold have value though, and was nice to some players.
>         Along with this I could have made it so quaffing potions fills
> you up. Meaning a player could only quaff so many potions before they
> would become full and have to abort their direct damage quaff attacking.
>         I could just as well change the potions, and make new potions
> and place them in the shops. Potions that are not sanctuary and that do
> not have massive healing affects. Make the potions heavier and things
> like that. There were a number of things that could be changed for them
> as items in themselves.
>         None of the above were chosen. I might still implement the quaff
> to full thing, though it doesnt have to be too soon. What I did do is
> removed Elriva completely. I changed the room description of her shop to
> read it was destroyed/attacked/ransacked etc.

My heavens man, "Elvira," there by herself destroys the RP aspect
of the game, unless your entire theme is that of player's living
inside movies...

As for what you decided to do: good to remove Elvira, bad to leave
potions as they are. First: no potion should be as powerful as a
mage/cleric's magic, and further, unlimited items are bad. They
should be removed and replaced with spec procs/scripts to replace
the missing items. So, in the bakery, if someone buys all of the
bread, then the baker cooks some more and it takes some time before
it's all back...Potions need to have ingredients so the clerk at
Ye Olde Magick Potions should have some scouts, to go find these
ingredients and then the clerk or someone mixes them up to make the

>         Player are not complaining that there is no way for them to kill
> things. That without potions they are unable to play the game. All of
> this brings me to the question...
>                    Was the game based around potions??

If this was your question, then shouldn't your subject have
reflected it?

>         Personally I feel that a player should learn how to use their
> abilities and use them the best they can. Thieves are able to backstab
> and flee to kill mobs, the Mage class has powerful attaack spells to
> help kill mobs quicker, and the warrior has attack skills and higher hip
> points to tank and take damage.

The idea is balancing your classes to not be so twinkish. The reason
why warriors/thieves are so popular is because they have access to
a lot of the mage/cleric powers via scrolls, staves, wands, and
potions plus their superiority in combat. If you take down what kind
of magic warriors have access to and balance the classes better...

>         Is there a way to make it so this rate might go up based on
> levels? meaning a level 1 will gain 10 hit points per tick, and a level
> 50 will gain 50 or something like that (example, not exact numbers).

a. Of course there's a way...,
b. Anything's possible...,
c. Where there's a will, there's a way...

Choose my response to you:

Daniel Koepke
Forgive me father, for I am sin.

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