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From: Andy Hubbard (
Date: 02/27/97

> Howdy,
> 	Sorry to bug you. I am fairly new at coding this stuff and Made all the 
> changes you said to make but I don't understand the changes in Nic 
> Suzor's instructions.  I am mostly confused about what to do with all 
> that crap at the end of class.c.  Any help would be much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance!
> Rob Clint

I take it you mean the title, exp arrays for each class. Get rid of 
it, it is redundant.  In my case 800+ lines of code went down to 
under 10. OK, so you lose the automatic title stuff each time a 
player levels, but hopefully they have the imagination to set there 
own, if not set it for them and remove there title setting privalege.
 What I did was set up a spreadsheet to see what happens to the exp 
as each class levels. Work out your average exp gain per kill for an 
equal level based fight, in my case a 1st lvl pc killin a 1st lvl mob 
averages about 50 exp points.  If you use two cells to have the 
variables, ie. 1500 and 1.015 etc, its easy to change these and see 
what happens.  I have it that at 1st lvl about 30 kills are needed 
for all classes, but at 100ish then mages need about 50, while 
warriors need over 100.  Hopefully this reflects that the meat and 
drink of warriors is slaying, while mages it is not so, more on the 
magic casting.  I'm still trying to get my head round if rogues
should need less than priests :)

Ho hum

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