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Date: 02/28/97

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> I take it you mean the title, exp arrays for each class. Get rid of 
> it, it is redundant.  In my case 800+ lines of code went down to 
> under 10. OK, so you lose the automatic title stuff each time a 
> player levels, but hopefully they have the imagination to set there 
> own, if not set it for them and remove there title setting privalege.
>  What I did was set up a spreadsheet to see what happens to the exp 
> as each class levels. Work out your average exp gain per kill for an 
> equal level based fight, in my case a 1st lvl pc killin a 1st lvl mob 
> averages about 50 exp points.  If you use two cells to have the 
> variables, ie. 1500 and 1.015 etc, its easy to change these and see 
> what happens.  I have it that at 1st lvl about 30 kills are needed 
> for all classes, but at 100ish then mages need about 50, while 
> warriors need over 100.  Hopefully this reflects that the meat and 
> drink of warriors is slaying, while mages it is not so, more on the 
> magic casting.  I'm still trying to get my head round if rogues
> should need less than priests :)
> Ho hum
> Andy
How nice, I was about to start a thread about exp gain, and game 
balance myself.  I was wondering how people who have increased the 
levels worked on game balance.  We instituted a series of exp capping 
functions.  Heres the basics, send me your comments/suggestions/ideas

1) We figured a player should have to solo kill 1/(X+level) of mobs of 
equal level.
2) You get a bonus for killing mobs above your level
3) You get a penalty for killing mobs below your level
4) Groups are a bit trickier we hand out shares of the exp
your level/ total levels in group

I am still having a couple of problems with balance though:

How do I encourage grouping (make it worthwhile) without making 
leveling too easy (newbie with a level 95 player)

How to keep player from hoarding the best eq in the game.
 (We have level restrictions on eq but that is a ugly way to 
fix the problem)

Then there is the whole problem of one class being better than the 
other but I know that problem is internal.

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