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Date: 02/28/97

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I don't know the answer to your question off hand, but as a worst 
case why don't you output to a file.  It won't help you online, but 
it will at least give you a list.

> > If a player has *already* gone from their small to large buffer, and so
> > much output is generated that it fills even the large buffer, the
> > descriptor is changed to the overflow state, meaning that all future
> > output for the duration of the current pass through the game loop is
> > discarded.  This is a buffer overflow, and the only state in which output
> > is lost.
> Ok, 1st off, thank you Jeremey for an explanation on that, and for all
> your work in general and specific on CircleMUD.
> Next a Question.  We have implemented a command from a snippet on Alex's
> wonderful repository of Circle Knowledge, Vwear.  This wonderful command
> lists items (much like vnum) for the different wear positions.  This
> command works beautifully, and was VERY easy to expand for our added wear
> positions.
> My question is this, This command causes an **OVERFLOW** on the more
> common wear positions (as per The paragraph above\ explains it should).
> Is there ANY way that someone could point me to, to hold this large of a
> list? (i am not aware of the approximate size of the list, I have never
> gotten to the bottom of it)
> I have attempted to page it, but he page_string command isn't quite made
> for this type of function, and I dont think that would stop the overflow,
> just make you hit enter 10 or 12 times before you saw it.
> Any suggestions or pointers on how to start this?  The *only* thought I
> have had would be a counter, redirecting it somehow after so many (100 or
> so) items have been reached, but I dont understand enough about C and
> memory to know if this is feasible or even the right way to go about it.
> Thanks in advance, 
> Ghost Shaidan, ?able Sanity, 4000
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