Re: Buf Switches / Memory

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 02/28/97

> If a player has *already* gone from their small to large buffer, and so
> much output is generated that it fills even the large buffer, the
> descriptor is changed to the overflow state, meaning that all future
> output for the duration of the current pass through the game loop is
> discarded.  This is a buffer overflow, and the only state in which output
> is lost.

Ok, 1st off, thank you Jeremey for an explanation on that, and for all
your work in general and specific on CircleMUD.

Next a Question.  We have implemented a command from a snippet on Alex's
wonderful repository of Circle Knowledge, Vwear.  This wonderful command
lists items (much like vnum) for the different wear positions.  This
command works beautifully, and was VERY easy to expand for our added wear

My question is this, This command causes an **OVERFLOW** on the more
common wear positions (as per The paragraph above\ explains it should).
Is there ANY way that someone could point me to, to hold this large of a
list? (i am not aware of the approximate size of the list, I have never
gotten to the bottom of it)

I have attempted to page it, but he page_string command isn't quite made
for this type of function, and I dont think that would stop the overflow,
just make you hit enter 10 or 12 times before you saw it.

Any suggestions or pointers on how to start this?  The *only* thought I
have had would be a counter, redirecting it somehow after so many (100 or
so) items have been reached, but I dont understand enough about C and
memory to know if this is feasible or even the right way to go about it.

Thanks in advance, 
Ghost Shaidan, ?able Sanity, 4000

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