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From: John Evans (
Date: 03/02/97

>How do I encourage grouping (make it worthwhile) without making 
>leveling too easy (newbie with a level 95 player)

You can always code it so that you can't group with someone +/- 10 levels of
yourself. This is cheezy and a BAD idea, IMO, but it would do the trick.

What I did instead was code it so that exp is parsed out to the characters
in the group according to the level of the character. Like so:

Bob: 10th level.
Joe: 20th level.
Sam: 30th level.
Those three group together to go kill something.
Upon the kill, the exp for each character is determined like so:
exp = (GET_EXP(mob) / total_group_levels) * GET_LEVEL(ch);

This chops the exp of the mob into (for this example) 60 equal shares and gives 
one share to each character for each level that they have.

How to count the total_group_levels? I don't remember, and am not at my
mud's machine at the moment. Sorry. If you are REALLY interested in this,
reply and I'll post the code when I get back to that machine.

>How to keep player from hoarding the best eq in the game.
> (We have level restrictions on eq but that is a ugly way to 
>fix the problem)

Set the max number of items that a person can rent with to some reasonable
number. Say... 40 or so. If they have more than that number of items, then
they can't rent.

If they drop link to get around this, then charge them crash rent prices
that are sky-high and will sell off that hoarded EQ to pay the rent.

Make storage characters illegal by nuking any that you stumble across and do
random and frequent purging of any and all characters that are 1st level. I
know, I know... This may nuke a few legit. characters, but at 1st level...
What will they lose? Not much. If someone is inadvertantly erased because of
this, then reimburse them for the lost stuff.

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I don't suffer from Insanity. I enjoy every minute of it!

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