Re: exp gain / balance

From: Eric Pilcher (
Date: 03/02/97

> >How do I encourage grouping (make it worthwhile) without making 
> >leveling too easy (newbie with a level 95 player)
> What I did instead was code it so that exp is parsed out to the characters
> in the group according to the level of the character. 
> Upon the kill, the exp for each character is determined like so:
> exp = (GET_EXP(mob) / total_group_levels) * GET_LEVEL(ch);

I don't care for this one.  Why?  Becasue levels are linear and
exp/level is more parabolic, especially at low levels.  That is
to say, that the exp needed for level 4 is typically DOUBLE
that of level 3, which was DOUBLE the exp needed for level 2.

Most muds with more than 20 levels typically tend to stop
doubling at some point and approach something a bit more
linear, often with wild leaps and jumps in the exp chart.

Becuase of this, exp split should be based off of what players
need to get from their current level to the next one.  This is
much easier to code if your exp charts are based off of 
formulas rather than numbers pulled out of a hat.

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