Re: [editor] external editor

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 07/09/97

> > I have been on a few muds, well accualy one, called mume that uses a really
> > good system for editing.  First, you have to be using a client that supports
> > their system(cancan, or powwow) but if you are you can use any editor on your
> > system as an external editor and then when you exit and save, it sends your
> > text back to the mud which puts it where it needs to go.  This method of
> > using an external editor lets builders use something like MS-WORD or pico to
> > build thier zones.  This is really good since such programs have SPELL CHECK :).
> > Anyway has anyone worked on some sort of system like this for circlemud?
> Note for circleMUD, but I have a system that does exactly that - and  the
> source code is public. For Envy only however :)
> The system is used on AR and the only client so far to have it built in is
> mcl (see my homepage). However, the system works using triggers, so any
> client that supports triggers and external commands will work (someone has
> gotten at least tf to work with it).
> Get mcl and look in the mudftp directory. The source is sliightly
> obsolete, there's been a small bugfix to the client since.. I'll send it
> to however is interested in implemented.
> I can tell you that using your favorite editor to edit notes, text files,
> mob programs and such is a REAL improvent of normal line-editing, even if
> that has s/replace, deleteing/inserting lines and such.

        hMM. wonder if it would be feasible to patch "ispell" into
circle... :)
                Any thoughts?

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