Re: QUESTION: Races & Perm Attributes

From: Christian Duvall (chris@DP.NET)
Date: 07/09/97

I did a crappy little thing to make spells stay, using the innate code
from Pat, and my own little piece of ugliness =)
in do_start I added
ACMD( do_innate );
int spl;
extern char *spells[];

switch (GET_RACE(ch)) {
  case RACE_TROLL:
   spl = SPELL_REGEN;
   spl = SPELL_FLY;
   spl = 0;
if (spl) {
mag_affects(LVL_IMMORT -1, ch, ch, spl, 0);
sprintf(buf2, "%s %s", GET_NAME( ch ), spells[spl]);
do_innate(ch, buf2, 0, SCMD_SINNATE);

It is very ugly, and I right now you cant assign more than one spell,
but this is just mail code, which I did today just because I was going
to do it anyway. Hope it at least helps for now.

Christian Duvall

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