Re: Compiling, Lib Errors?

From: George (greerga@MIAVX1.ACS.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 07/10/97

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Sammy wrote:

>I'd tell you you don't have or don't have access to the system include
>files, but why would you listen to me when you're not listening to the
>others who've told you the same thing?

The problem is not that he doesn't have access to them, it's that he
doesn't have /usr/include/{linux,asm}.  If that's his system, he needs to
do some symbolic linking, if it's not, he needs to bug the sysadmin to put
some basic system headers in as per my previous post.

If a file exists but you can't read it, GCC will complain:

test.c:1: warning: Header file /usr/include/stdio.h exists, but is not readable
test.c:1: stdio.h: Permission denied


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